After Surgery, you will be spending lots of time on your crutches. Thinking ahead a bit in this area can save you some discomfort and also be more efficient with your movement on crutches.  Your crutches will push against an area of your body that gets very little impact. This will cause some discomfort and adding padding to your crutches, as long as secure, can be a helpful way to keep your armpits from becoming sore from your crutches. Also, you will be unable to carry many of the items you are used to carrying in your hands and under your arms. Plan ahead for wearing a backpack, (purses may through off your balance) or a product like Crutch Comforts.

Crutch Comforts is an add on to your crutches that I recommend.  Really a great way to increase the function and comfort of crutches.  Many of my patients have really enjoyed this local Colorado product.

Crutch Comforts are functional and fun full-length covers and padding for your crutches.  Each pair of covers has 8 expandable pockets to hold everything including books, water bottle, magazines, keys, wallet, and your cell phone. Most of your at home or on the go daily necessities can be carried right in your crutches with individual pockets keeping items organized and well within reach.

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