Over the past 18 years of his practice in the Yampa Valley, Dr. Bomberg has been at the forefront of modern orthopaedic hip care. His continuing education and training has led to several firsts for his practice. Dr. Bomberg was the first surgeon in the yampa valley to perform arthroscopic hip surgery for the relief of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).

FAI is an all too common affliction of the hip where the head has a bump that produces damage or a very prominent lip of the cup is present that pinches on the head or commonly both conditions are present. In the past, only an open surgery with dislocation of the hip could relieve the condition.

Now, repair of the labrum with the removal of the extra bone on the front of the cup and/or removal of the femoral head bump can be performed as an outpatient arthroscopic procedure. This is often a hip sparring maneuver to prolong the life of the hip.

Hip Impingment
Hip Arthroscopy for Impingement - Dr. Bomberg

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