1. Avoid lifting with the palm down position, rather position the palm up for lifting.
  2. Use the counter traction band when lifting or any other activities which aggravate the elbow. Position the band distal to the elbow on the muscle. Should be tight enough on the muscle to reduce pain at the elbow when lifting.
  3. Stretch the wrist frequently for at least 6 seconds at a time. Do this with the elbow straight and relax the forearm muscles while stretching the wrist with the good hand.
  4. Do strengthening exercises with the band on. Use a grip strengthening device or theraputty. Do ten grips with the palm up, palm neutral, and palm down. Start with easiest position and progress to the hardest position. If making a full grip is too painful then do an isometric squeeze and progress from there.

Expect to see results by 4 weeks. It seems to improve gradually.