Dr. Bomberg has been a member of the American Foot and Ankle Society and is proud to provide conservative and surgical care of this region of the body.   We provide a full range of radiographic services including standing x-rays to evaluate your condition.  We can use orthotics, temporary or permanent, and prescribe many custom combination orthotic/shoe treatments for any foot and ankle condition including diabetes.  We monitor the foot in diabetics and provide a full range of toenail care in our office and at the Doak Walker Care Center.  We have casting and fracture orthotics for the full range of foot and ankle trauma.  Most of our foot and ankle surgery such as bunion and hammertoe surgery is performed as outpatient hospital procedures.  However,  many minor foot and toe conditions, such as ingrown nails, can be cared for in the comfort of our office surgical suite.

Foot and Ankle Sprain